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The Cheyenne Area Land-Owner’s Coalition is an organization of property owners dedicated to protecting the financial and lifestyle interests of land-owners whose properties are impacted by mineral mining/extraction related processes; the COALITION is dedicated to protecting the property rights and lifestyle conditions of all land-owners who are COALITION members.

The Cheyenne Area Landowners Coalition has become an affiliate member of the Powder River Basin Resource Council (PRBRC). PRBRC is a grassroots organization started in the late 1960s and has over a thousand members in Wyoming and is growing. Affiliation under PRBRC provides the Cheyenne Area Landowners Coalition (CALC) with a more broadbased, likeminded membership support, along with a multitude of resources. Below is the PRBRC mission statement:

Powder River Basin Resource Council
Powder River Basin Resource Council is committed to empowerment of people through community organizing. More than ever, it is crucial that Wyoming's voice for responsible development, Powder River Basin Resource Council, be a part of the debate that will determine Wyoming's future.
The link to their information and additional resources is
Friendly Suggestions Regarding Lease Agreements
When confronted with the decision of whether, or not, you should enter an oil & gas lease, or surface use lease agreement, here are a few friendly suggestions of factors you should diligently consider;
pdc 12/14/13

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